Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lesson 52: Expanding Sentences by Adding other Elements


The sentence parts that you have studied: subject, verb, object, direct object, etc. are the basic structures around which almost all sentences are built. But most sentences contain more elements than just three basic parts.

Theoritically, we could expand sentences indefinitely using other elements like adjectives, adverbs, sentence modifying phrases and clauses, nominatives, and appositives.

These elements provide writers with rich options. In the next exercises you will learn some of these other elements that contribute to the structure and meaning of the sentences.



Basic Sentence: The boy cried.

Expanded: The rich fat boy cried in the stage.

(The sentence was expanded using 2 adjectives and an adverb prepositional phrase modifying cried.)


Basic Sentence: The man ate dinner.

Expanded: The energetic young man very often ate dinner at the cafeteria.

(The sentence was expanded with 2 adjectives, 2 adverbs, and an adverb prepositional phrase modifying ate.)


Basic Sentence: The beast had become restless.

Expanded: By late afternoon, the captive beast had become extremely restless.

(The sentence was expanded with an adjective, and adverb, and an adverb prepositional phrase modifying 'restless'.)



1.) Add at least 1 adjective and 1 verb to the following sentences:

  • a. The sun was sinking.
  • b. I was terrified.

2.) Add a prepositional phrase and 2 adjectives to the following sentences:

  • The lady dances.
  • The boy is eating now.


~end of lesson~

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