Monday, January 19, 2009

Lesson 22: Possessive Case


The possessive case of a pronoun is used to show possession.


  • Their car is in the repair shop.
  • That car in the repair shop is theirs.
  • Her book is old.
  • This book is hers.
  • His mother is a businesswoman.
  • My book is newly purchased.
  • This newly purchased book is mine.
  • Our flowers are beautiful.
  • The flowers are ours.



Choose the appropriate pronoun in this paragraph:

(My, mine) mother always goes to the market. That basket is (her, hers). I am wondering why (her, hers) attitude towards marketing is very unusual. She has many friends in the market and they formed a group. (Their, theirs) way of buying some food is really different. That unusual way is only (their, theirs). (Our, ours) house is then covered with all the foods that mother bought. And so, all the food is (our, ours)!


~end of lesson~

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