Monday, January 19, 2009

Lesson 23: Pronoun Rules to Remember -Part1


  • This bag belongs to you.
  • These bags belong to you
  • That bag belongs to you.
  • Those bags belong to you.


  • Your hands are dirty.
  • You're dirty.
  • Jasmine, your house is beautiful.
  • Jasmine, you're beautiful to me.

  • Their house is not beautiful.
  • They're in the house.
  • There are people in the house.
  • Their food is delicious.
  • They're eating the food.
  • There is food ready to be eaten.

  • You're my voice when I can't speak.
  • It's wonderful to hear your voice.
  • Its work is very important.
  • It's very important to work hard for our family.


  • This paper has no name, but I know it is hers. (We don't put apostrophe to hers since it shows possession.)
  • Are you sure it is theirs? (We don't put apostrophe to theirs since it shows possession.)
  • These are mine. Where are yours? (We don't put apostrophe to yours since it shows possession.)


  • Who is the donor of that big sum of money?
  • For whom are those beautiful red roses?
  • The book which was requested arrived yesterday.
  • The mouse that ate my shoes is now gone.
  • My cousin whose boyfriend is in the Navy plans to go back here.



Read each sentence carefully. If the sentence is correct, move on to the next sentence. BUT if the sentence is incorrect, then correct the error first before you move on to the next sentence.

1.) This types of clothes are good only for the rainy season.

2.) Who are coming to the party tonight?

3.) Justin which works in Paris is arriving tomorrow.

4.) These shoes fit you better now.

5.) They're project is now over.

6.) Your beautiful!

7.) You're wonderful!

8.) This bag is her's.


~end of lesson~

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