Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lesson 31: Indefinite Pronoun subjects


Example Sentences:

  • Every package is thoroughly searched by the customs officer.
  • Anyone has the right to do that also.
  • Everything is fine for me.
  • Somebody wants what you have now.


Example Sentences:

  • Both of you are going to my office right now.
  • Only few are standing as I can see it from here.
  • Many were terrified by your appearance.
  • Several have a crush on Justin.


Example Sentences:

  • All of the magazine was fascinating. (refers to a part of one magazine)
  • All the magazines were fascinating. (refers to many magazines)
  • Most of my life is for you.
  • Most of our lives are for you.



Choose the appropriate verb in the following sentences:

1.) Each of the team's twelve members (was, were) given a small replica of the championship trophy.

2.) Every man, woman, and child (eat, eats) everything at the party.

3.) All of the members (was, were) notified.

4.) Few of the apples (is, are) ripe enough to eat.

5.) Neither of the houses (was, were) burned.

6.) Many (volunteer, volunteers), but few (is, are) chosen.


~end of lesson~

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