Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lesson 15: The Future Continuous Tense


The future continuous tense which is also known as the Future Progressive Tense follows this pattern:
+ Verb + -ing


  • I will be reading the newspaper in the morning.
  • She will be working in her office next week.
  • They will be driving around the country next month.

MAIN USE: The future continuous tense, just like the simple future tense, also tells about an action that will happen some time in the future ONLY THAT you use the future continuous tense if you want to stress that the action to be done has a longer duration or will consume a considerable amount of time in the future.

More Examples:

  • I will be studying my lessons tonight.
  • I will be listening to the music of Coldplay tomorrow.
  • I will be working in my office when summer begins.



Use the future continuous tense of a verb in answering each question below.


>Is he dancing for an hour?
>He will be dancing for an hour.

1.) Will you watch the movie tomorrow?

2.) Will it rain tonight?

3.) Is the boy climbing the tree for three hours?

4.) Will you listen to your teacher's lessons tomorrow ?

5.) Will the doctor talk to you next time?


~end of lesson~

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