Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lesson 14: The Simple Future Tense


The future tense follows this pattern:

Example Sentences:

  • I will go to the market tomorrow.
  • She will teach me how to speak Spanish.
  • We shall carry these objects before the morning comes.
  • They are going to give me their best.

Remember: In the future tense, verbs remain on their base form as you have noticed in the sentences above. This is true whether the subject is singular or plural. Therefore, you don't add 's' or 'es' to the main verb since the auxiliary verbs shall, will, and going to have already justified the thought of the sentence.

Therefore by the example sentences above, we conclude that the main use of the simple future tense of a verb is: It tells about an action that is happening some time in the future.



Use the simple future tense of a verb in answering each question below.


>What will you do when it happens?
>I will cry when it happens.

1.) Where are you going tomorrow?

2.) When will your friends arrive?

3.) What are your plans for next week?

4.) What will you cook for dinner?

5.) Who is the person that you will meet?


~end of lesson~

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