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Lesson 7: Recognizing Conjunctions

1. A CONJUNCTION is a word that joins words or groups of words.

2. The following conjunctions are called COORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS: And, But, Or, Nor, For, Yet.

  • We like pancake AND milkshake. (conjunction joining words)
  • Should we put it on a plate OR in a bowl? (conjunction joining phrases)
  • We went fishing, BUT caught no fish. (conjunction joining clauses)

Note: You will learn phrases and clauses in the next lessons.

3. Some other coordinating conjunctions go in pairs. These are called CORRELATIVE CONJUNCTIONS.

  • Either-Or,
  • Neither-Nor,
  • Both-And,
  • Not Only-But Also

Example Sentence:
  • BOTH Jason AND Roy bought bicycles with the money they saved.
  • Not only Justin ran, but also his sister.

4. SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS are used to introduce adverb clauses:

  • after,
  • as,
  • although,
  • as if,
  • as much as,
  • as long as,
  • as soon as,
  • because,
  • before,
  • if,
  • in order that,
  • since,
  • so that,
  • than,
  • though,
  • unless,
  • until,
  • when,
  • whenever,
  • while

(Some of these words may also be used as prepositions or other parts of speech.)

Example Sentence:

  • SINCE he had real determination, he would not quit.
  • AS LONG AS he can do it, then it will happen.
  • It will never happen UNLESS you do it.



Identify the conjunctions in each sentence below.

1.) Principle is a passion for truth and right.

2.) Man wants, but God doesn't.

3.) Strength is greater when it is added with wisdom.

4.) Love without challenges brings dark days, and challenges without love brings destruction.

5.) Where freedom dwells, there is my country.

6.) Discipline yourself so that others will not have to.

7.) A good idea is like match. It is useless unless you strike it into flame.

8.) Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass.

9.) People ask you for something but they always want more.

10.) If honor be your clothing, it will last a lifetime


~end of lesson~

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  1. Great site! These are very important topics to revisit... I love it very much.

    One thing, though, I think on coordinating conjunction is missing, in the list above. The way I remember them all is in "FANBOYS": For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet and So (missing in the list above).
    Keep up the good work!


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