Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lesson 11: The Present Continuous Tense


The present continuous tense which is also known as Present Progressive Tense follows this Pattern:
Verb + -ing


  • I am reading right now.
  • She is working in her office.
  • They are driving around the country.


1.) To express an action that is happening now.

  • I am studying my lessons.
  • I am listening to music.
  • I am working in my office.


>He lives in Venezuela. (Venezuela is his hometown)
>He is living in Venezuela. (He is living in Venezuela for a certain period of time only.)

2.) To express an action that covers the present time, though it need not be happening at this minute.

  • We are looking for a place to live. (They have been looking for a place to live since the past until now.)
  • We are playing this game since yesterday.
  • Justin is working in the office.

3.) To indicate an arranged future action.

  • He is visiting us tonight.
  • Justin is playing tomorrow.
  • My teachers are teaching tomorrow.

4.) With always, or a word of similar meaning, to express a habitual action.

  • He is always asking many questions.
  • They are always running in the field.
  • Mr. Smith is always reading that book.



Use the present continuous tense of a verb in answering each question below.


>What are you doing right now?
>I am talking to you.

1.) What are you doing after dinner tonight?

2.) What are thinking now?

3.) What main issue are people discussing these days?

4.) What things do you enjoy the most?

5.) What are you doing tomorrow?


~end of lesson~

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