Monday, January 19, 2009

Lesson 28: Present Tense Verb Forms


Example Sentences:

  • She watches.
  • He cooks the dinner.
  • Diana dances very well.
  • Justin loves her so much.
  • It is so wonderful.


Example Sentences:

  • The professors have a meeting.
  • We enjoy this so much!
  • The children are very strong.
  • They run away.
  • The books fall towards me.



Choose the appropriate verb in the following sentences:

1.) He (give, gives) everytime when I need a help.

2.) James (answer, answers) the questions very well.

3.) My mother (go, goes) to the market every Sunday.

4.) Your ideas (make, makes) me happy.

5.) The children (go goes) to the school everyday.

6.) My friends (visit, visits) me all the time.

7.) They (operate, operates) the business.


~end of lesson~

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