Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lesson 8: Recognizing Interjections

1. An INTERJECTION is an exclamatory word that is not related with the other words in the sentence.

2. An exclamation point is usually used after an interjection, but a comma maybe used after a mild interjection.

  • Hurrah! The war is over.
  • Boy, did he hit the ball?
  • Well, what do you know about that?


Other examples of Interjections:

  • Oh
  • Ouch
  • Hey
  • My
  • You see
  • Behold
  • Lo


Example Sentences:

a.) Behold, I will make the flowers disappear right before your eyes.

b.) My! must you always make a scene in front of the class?

c.) Oh, a clear conscience and a quiet spirit.



Complete each sentence below.

1.) Oh! _____________.

2.) Ouch! _____________.

3,) Well, _____________.

4.) Hey! _____________.

5.) Boy, _____________.

6.) My! _____________.

7.) Hurrah! _____________.

8.) You see, _____________.

9.) Behold, _____________.

10.) Lo, _____________.


~end of lesson~

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