Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lesson 20: Nominative Case


A. A pronoun is in the nominative case when it acts as the SUBJECT.

  • They called Justin.
  • We finally granted their request.
  • She and her sister are planing a surprise party.

B. A pronoun is also in the nominative case when it is used as a PREDICATE NOMINATIVE (also known as subject complement) after any form of be verbs (am, is, are, was, were, been) and other linking verbs.

  • The architect of the mansion is she.
  • The advocates of this program are they.
  • It was I. It wasn't they.

C. A pronoun is in the nominative case when it is used as the APPOSITIVE of the subject or of the predicate.

  • Two students, he and I will receive awards for good behavior.
  • We girls must have more drive in life.
  • The class top students are two boys, Justin and I.



Choose the appropriate pronoun in the following sentences:

1.) Susan and (I, me) surprised the teachers with our project

2.) Confused by the reports, (she, her) wanted to know the truth.

3.) The speaker is (he,him) in white dress.

4.) Our guides, Justin and (her, she) wanted us to follow them carefully.

5.) It has been (they, them) who gave us everything.


~end of lesson~

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