Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lesson 37: Other Agreement Problems - part 2


  • Eight plus three is equals eleven.
  • Five times six is equals thirty.
  • Seventy-two divided by four is equals eighteen.
  • Sixty minus forty leaves twenty.


  • Many a hiker has failed to reach the top of the mountain.
  • Every child is entitled to a share of the property.


  • Ruth is one of those girls who enjoy gardening. ( Adjective clause - who enjoy gardening; Antecedent to the adjective clause - those girls)
  • Ruth is the only one of those girls who enjoys hiking. ( Adjective clause - who enjoys hiking; Antecedent to the adjective clause - only one of those girls)


  • The biggest problem is the demonstrations. (Subject - biggest problem; Predicate nominative - demonstrations)
  • Demonstrations are a problem. (Subject - demonstrations; Predicate Nominative - a problem)


Exercise for Rule 23:

Choose the appropriate verbs in this paragraph:

My hardest challenge (is, are) these problems. It is because these problems (is, are) a point of decision to me. Tomorrow, I will go to school. Inside it (is, are) many problems as well. But I know that those problems (is, are) also a topic of decision for all the students.


~end of lesson~

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