Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lesson 33: Titles, Names of Organizations and Names of Countries as subjects


  • The Folklore Society heads the research on folksongs in our province.
  • Beyond All Frontiers was written byEmma Drummond.
  • Philippines is where my friend lives.



Choose the appropriate verb in the following sentences:

1.) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (is, are) an enjoyable book to read.

2.) Herbs and Apples by Santmyer (fill, fills) me with memories.

3.) The books that (was, were) written by Justin (make, makes) me decide to live more. His book entitled "Discussions on Freedom" (is, are) my favorite.

4.) USA (hit, hits) every enemy badly that Afghanistan (was, were) left to ashes.


~end of lesson~

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