Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to Intensive English Grammar Course (IEG)

Today, learning the English language is perhaps one of the most desired goals of all those who wanted to engage in the international scene; may it be businesses, vacations, trips, or even in chatting.

So, this site was made to cater the ever overwhelming desire of each aspirant.

Before you start studying the lessons on this site, keep in mind that the lessons are INTENSIVE English Grammar. Therefore, please don't expect to see lessons which deal with basic English grammar. The lessons were made to help you IMPROVE your way of speaking English NOT to help you START speak English.

To enroll yourself to the IEG's lessons, you must satisfy at least 3 of the following determinants:

1.) You understand what is a verb and a subject.

2.) You can construct a simple English sentence.

3.) You know what is the past tense of the verb "eat".

4.) You were already exposed to the English language may it be on radio or television programs.

5.) You understand this sentence: " YOU HAVE TO EAT NOW OR ELSE YOUR MOTHER HAS TO PUNISH YOU!"


If you have just got at least 3 out of 5, then you are now ready to study Lesson 1!

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  1. Hello!

    This site looks really "delicious"

    Hope we can be friends!

    What about some ex link?

    See you around!

    would you write bacK? =)

  2. Nice, very nice! LDS are great people and prosper in the land.

  3. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Pls check your grammar for # 3. Since this is not a question, the verb "is" should appear at the end of a sentence.

  4. its nice to have such blog which can help us to make our English free of mistakes.

    i have also worked on this and posted a document about Active and Passive Voice at here

    i hope you people will visit it and hopefully leave some useful comments. thanks

  5. Thank you for very good blog about present perfect tense. It's very nice.

  6. We learn and know grammar as we learn to speak....!1

    Grammar check


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